Playhatch Pressé

Our syrups are packed full of real fruit flavour and are unlike any other cordial you can buy elsewhere. Every year we (Alan, Wendy and young Thomas) roam the local fields, and our own gardens to carefully choose and hand-pick the best local organic elderflowers we can find to go into our Pressé. We then take it to the Shoulder of Mutton where it is trimmed by hand. All flowers need to be removed from their stems before we get cooking, bottling and labelling. You can’t get much fresher than a bottle of hand-made Emily Elderflower.  Playhatch Pressé is bespoke and produced in small batches, handmade from start to finish and the elderflower is locally sourced on the edge of the Chilterns. The citrus flavours are all fresh too and squeezed by hand. There are NO artificial flavours here!

Ways to enjoy Playhatch Pressé:

    • In soda water, tonic water or tap water,
    • To make great tasting cocktails,
    • In a simple vodka, or gin and tonic,
    • In Prosecco,

Also fantastic in recipes:

  • To make sorbet,
  • In dressings and vinaigrette,
  • Cooked with berries for a tasty coulis…

…and the list goes on.

Available in house at the Shoulder, at Loddon Brewery, and The French Horn.
You can also buy it by the bottle in-house
£11.50- £12.50 per litre, makes 15-22 drinks
£6.95 per half litre, makes 8-12 drinks
£2.95 per miniature bottle, single drink

Meet the girls

Emily Elderflower

The oldest of the offspring, Emily is a classy classic. She pairs easily with fish dishes, chicken or a nice crunchy salad. She’s perfect in a basic G ‘n’ T, or Vodka tonic too! And tasting so healthy and fresh, you’ll want to treat yourself to another.

Susie Strawberry

Susie is so full of strawberry she’s a fruit explosion! Adding the local sweet elderflower makes her a juice you won’t forget. Susie is such a sweetie; she wins over the hearts of children. Added to Daiquiri ingredients, she brings the party to life!

Becki Blueberry

Less sweet than her sister Susie, Becki definitely packs a blueberry punch. There’s no floral undertone here! So smooth and elegant, the flavour glides seamlessly alongside duck and beef dishes. Or in a glass of Prosecco with a shot of Vodka- you’ll be dancing on the tables in no time!


A zingy, refreshing change to the norm, Lucy can hold her own when paired with Oriental or spicy dishes, thanks also to her secret ingredient.

Lola Lime

Like her sister, Lola is zingy and refreshing, but with her slightly softer edge she pairs nicely in a pint of lager or soda spritz. Lola also compliments cheese, cutting through the cream with her pizzazz!